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Focus on properties with high rental returns and high asset appreciation. I am not an “expert” agent who sells projects, and I will not sell you any so-called “new urban areas” with potential in the future; I will not sell you any off-the-plan properties or house and land packages that prevent you from achieving financial freedom as soon as possible.

If you also want to spend the least time to acquire the most real estate, create more assets, have more passive income, and give your children more choices in the future. Use leverage to move more real estate, and wealth is within your reach. 8.7% of Australians own investment properties, and only 0.046% of Australians own more than 6 properties. I can help you move faster on the home buying journey.

I am Starla, a practitioner and beneficiary of professional real estate investment. If you are worried about the uncertain future of the Australian real estate market and you don’t know:

  • How to do comprehensive home due diligence like a real estate expert
  • How to do geographical research
  • How to do property research
  • How to Get a Professional Home Inspection
  • How to form your home buying think tank

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